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Balance Activ Intimate Daily Foam and Wipes

Pamper your skin with this gynaecologically-tested Balance Activ Hygiene Range. These products offer a gentle cleanse whilst soothing and maintaining your vaginal pH balance. Love your skin with Balance Activ!

You see, your intimate area has a different pH level to the rest of the body, so it needs special care. Using a nonspecific soap can alter the naturally acidic pH of the intimate area, which can promote annoying discomfort. Balance Activ Hygiene range looks after your vulval skin by matching its unique pH.

Containing ingredients of natural origin, our fresh and soothing formula is specifically designed to meet the needs of your sensitive vulval skin.

Give your intimate area the TLC it deserves.

Gynecologically and dermatologically tested, the lightweight formulation of both products is gentle enough to be used every day. In fact, we recommend reaching for either of these holy grail cleansing products up to twice daily to help maintain your natural pH and feel immediate freshness.

How to Use

  1. Simply dispense 2-3 pumps of foam into your hand
  2. Massage gently into your intimate area
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water.

  1. Open the label
  2. Pull out the wipes and use to cleanse
  3. After use close the label to prevent wipes from drying out

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