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The Big Vagina Report

Balance Activ is committed to empowering women to take control of their intimate health through expert advice and dependable solutions that work in harmony with the body.

That’s why we felt compelled to commission The Big Vagina Report, to truly understand the relationship women have with their vagina.

At Balance Activ we aren’t afraid to keep the conversation real, to break the taboos around intimate health and to open and normalise conversations around it.

We’re determined that women gain the confidence they need to talk more openly about this topic without shame – whether that be with friends, health professionals or the local pharmacist.

After surveying 5,000 women*, it turns out that we have a rather complicated relationship with our vaginas. In spite of the starring role they have in our lives, they seem to be the least understood.

What Women Want
We Want Facts

According to The Big Vagina Report, the reason for this is that we’ve never been given the tools or taught the language we need to speak freely about our vaginas. This has led to a lack of understanding about what’s considered ‘normal’ and created a situation where discretion takes priority over wellbeing.

To get involved in the conversation, fill out the form to download the full report.

* The term ‘women’ in this report is used to describe those who told us they identify as female.

Big Vagina Report