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The V-Revolution Podcast

Hosted by Diona Doherty

Join Diona Doherty on “The V Revolution” podcast, where she chats with Dr. Priya Gopaldas and a lineup of incredible guests like Olympian Michelle Griffith-Robinson and Miss World International 2023, Emma J. Webber. Each episode dives into the often-unspoken areas of female intimate health, creating a warm and welcoming space where the taboo becomes talked about.

We’ll explore everything from the realities of menopause and the postpartum journey to menstrual health and busting sexual health myths. The V Revolution is about bringing these vital topics into the light, discussing them openly and positively. Whether you’re dealing with these issues personally or just want to be more informed, this podcast is here to educate, enlighten and empower.

Embracing Change: Unpacking the Mysteries of Menopause

02/03/2024   |   49 min

Joined by special guest, Olympian and Life Coach Michelle Griffith-Robinson, we explore the multifaceted experiences of menopause, from hot flashes and mood swings to the deeper impacts on self-esteem and intimacy.

Explore the realities of postpartum

03/03/2024   |   49 min

Joined by special guest Malin Andersson, this episode covers the complexities of maternal mental health and managing postnatal depression. Sharing way to support and coping mechanisms, aiming to support and empower listeners with knowledge and shared experiences.

Period Power: Transforming the Conversation on Menstrual Health

05/03/2024   |   49 min

Joined by Founder of Empower Periods, Victoria Causley, we invite you to confront the taboos, arm yourselves with knowledge, and join the conversation that champions period positivity.

Sexual Health Myths: Let’s get the truth!

08/05/2024   |   49 min

Joined by Miss World International 2023, Emma J Webber, we delve into the myths surrounding female sexual health, and explore the profound impact of body positivity. Learn why these conversations are crucial for everyone, no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation.

A Brave Conversation on Intimate Health Conditions

08/05/2024   |   49 min

Joined by Jen Moore, educator and campaigner, who sheds light on the impact and difficulties of life with endometriosis. This episode is a call to action for better awareness, understanding, and support for women grappling with this often-invisible conditions, emphasising the importance of community and informed healthcare.

Covering All Bases: Exploring the Most Common Intimate Health Conditions

08/05/2024   |   49 min

Diona and Dr Priya explore a range of topics from bacterial vaginosis (BV) and thrush to the importance of maintaining a healthy vaginal PH. Explaining intimate health issues like unusual odours and discharges with the aim to empower women to seek information and medical help without embarrassment.